Corey Diamond



Corey Diamond aka “CocoFuego” grew up in the hood on the Eastside of Detroit, MI. He first discovered his talent for writing rap lyrics at the age of 11 and used to rap with his best friend “Lil Stunt.”After years of trying to fit in with his peers (smoking weed, claiming a local gang, and “smooth talking” the ladies), he managed to escape the street life and obtained his GED at 18. He started taking college courses at Washtenaw Community College while working full time and rapping on the side – slowing building his identity as a sharp MC. Eight years later, after two mixtapes and three college degrees (Associates, BA, MS) – the latter two degrees in Psychology from the University of Michigan – he is finally ready to inspire other kids to escape the trap and reach their full potential.

His most recent mixtape “For Better or Worse Vol. 2” released on March 16th, 2017, features all original songs and chronicles his experiences growing up in Detroit. It is currently available to purchase on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.


In addition to hip-hop, Corey is also an avid fashion enthusiast and has modeled in multiple runway shows. His current focus is providing the highest quality T-Shirts! He named his brand Dynasty of Kings to represent the greatness in every one and believes that “royalty” is a mindset not just a hierarchical status. Visit our About Us section to learn more about this movement!


Corey Diamond is very devoted to his faith and believes in doing all things through Christ! This mantra guides his thoughtful messages of hope that can help guide others out of despair and into joyful, healthy, and prosperous lives!


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