Black Mamba


Special Feature: Jacques aka. “Black Mamba”

Today we are featuring Instagram Icon and Music Producer, Black Mamba! He is well known in Miami, has worked alongside many celebrities in one of the hottest spots in the city, “Club LIV,” and is now traveling the globe, representing the Dynasty of Kings brand along the way!

What is it like to live in Miami?

Amazing and great experience. I was living and working in Miami Beach and had a chance to meet a lot of celebrities and athletes. I grew up in Lil Haiti/North Miami that’s the real side of Miami you don’t get to see on TV. Some of the best football players in the country came out of that hood. The Miami urban life teaches you to be confident and be your best because only the best make it. It’s rough but you have to surround yourself with the right people and the right mindset to stay off the streets and focus on your goals.

How did you get into music production? 

It started with my dad he played guitar and piano. He was always tapping his fingers making drum patterns. As a kid I was amazed at how well it sounded. In middle school I started listening to Michael Jackson and had a lot of his music on a CD. I admired the strong melodies and hooks he had in his productions. From there I became all about music.

Do you play any live instruments? If so, which ones and how long have you been playing?

I play the piano. I have been playing 5 plus years now. I’m kind of rusty now haven’t been on the keys in a while. I grew up learning to play some of my favorite Coldplay and Michael Jackson songs.  

What are 5 of your favorite hip-hop songs this year? And why?

  1. Logic- Black Spiderman
  2. Jidenna – Bully of the Earth
  3. Young Chop – Get Money
  4. Big Sean – Light Ft. Jeremih
  5. Corey Diamond – No Diablo 

What inspires you to “Strive for Greatness?”

Growing up in America got me in that mentality. With hundreds of millions of people in competition for the best schools and best jobs you have to be the best at whatever it is you’re doing. Its what helps you get noticed and puts you in ahead of the pack. Consistency and hard work pays off.

What is one thing you would tell a new producer getting into the hip-hop industry?

Got to keep grinding and understand the market. Follow all the latest trends in music and social media, then get your name out there. Definitely take a class in music business and learn your rights as a producer.

Do you have anything else you would like to share?

“A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” – Malcolm X 

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