About Us

Mission Statement

Dynasty of Kings is a brand established for independent thinkers, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and world changers. Our goal is to influence culture and inspire others to achieve their goals, without FEAR of failure. That is why we promote two things UNITY and ROYALTY which serve as the pillars to facilitate a cooperative network of likeminded individuals.


There are too many things that divide us as people whether it be race, religion, gender, nationality or economic status. Something always gets in the way of us REACHING OUT and connecting to others. Here at Dynasty of Kings we accept each other for who we are and what we bring to table. “Come as you are” is our credo here and we do not tolerate hatred or negativity towards our fellow Kings and Queens.


We are all Kings and Queens as children of a God who formed us in His image with infinite creative abilities! Whether you believe in God or not, you can learn to see yourself as a person with VALUE and POTENTIAL to succeed. As a child of God you are ROYALTY and should seek to cultivate this mindset. It does not matter where you come from or what family you belong to, ANYTHING is possible if you BELIEVE. We are here to support your “Dynasty,” whether it’s your company, neighborhood, community, church, or other organization that you hope to improve with your talents.

How to get INVOLVED

If you want to become a member of the Dynasty of Kings, it’s very simple and depends on how much you care to benefit as an associate. If you just want to be associated with a GREAT brand, receive discounts on clothes, priority access to new music, updates, contest, and other content, join our VIP email list HERE.

If you want to take a more active role as a member, purchase our official gear HERE. By purchasing gear, that allows us to pay for website hosting, staffing, and the promotion of our brand! You’ll receive priority attention as a member if you support by wearing our official gear!

Finally, include the hashtag #dynastyofkings in your social media post! This allows you to connect with other members of the MOVEMENT and based on your level of activity (and quality of work) we will reach out to you to get FEATURED on our website! Getting a feature would be great for your business, community project, or charity that you want to bring more attention to as we receive very HIGH traffic to our site!

We thank you for your interest in Dynasty of Kings! Stay connected, Get involved, and continue to BE ROYAL. God Bless!

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